Sunday, June 13, 2010

Battle of Second Manassas Scenario Progress

Battle of Second Manassas Scenario. 
I laid out a battlefield prototype on the game table on Sunday. The major, historical battlefield activities will be fought out on an area roughly six feet by six feet (roughly five miles square). The entire 12x6 table will be utilized but I anticipate two feet at each table end will see little action unless either,
  1. Lee is able to push the Federals across Bull Run
  2. Pope is able to strike towards the Northwest and intercept Longstreet earlier than happened historically.
For the scenario map, I'm giving MappingBoard a try. The results of my MappingBoard attempt are in the Scenario -> Second Manassas page. The map is not finalized but provides a good, preliminary scope of the battlefield. MappingBoard is easy to use having a very gentle learning curve. The interface is very intuitive and maps can be generated quickly. A tabletop battlefield layout is provided for comparison. OB work begins. Immediately, I see I'll need a few sizable cavalry forces; none of which I have painted. Another decision to make is basing for the cavalry. The infantry are mounted upon 1.5 x 2.5 inch bases and represent about 1,000 effectives. The cavalry forces present at Second Manassas also muster at least 1,000 troopers each. Should the horse be based on similarly sized bases or should I consider half-sized bases?

18mm SYW Project:
8th (Red) Hussars: Not much progress on the Prussian hussars this week. Horses are finished with the troopers next. A Eureka order was placed today to replenish my SYW inventory. Three heavy horse regiments and four foot battalions will be added as will a couple of stands of wing command. I think I'm seeing a correlation between busy work-weeks and placing miniatures' orders. That is, busy week with little time to paint prompts me to spend time planning and purchasing. Also included in the order are enough AB figures for four battalions of early French.

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