Friday, November 14, 2014

Eureka! Another Gift!

Having only yesterday solved The Case of the Mystery Eureka Package (actually, Ian solved the puzzle. I was only a very interested bystander), a second Eureka gift arrives! 

This time, my benefactor of this incredibly generous act is known.  Many will recognize his avatar,
Of course, this is from Phil (aka "Mrs. DBA") of Toy Soldiers Studio. Phil produces DBA armies faster than I can track; all beautifully crafted too!  Remarkable painter and an even more remarkable bloke!  Unfortunate that we live at opposite sides of Washington State!

Repeating my sentiments from the Secret Santa gift exchange, Phil's generosity contributes to what makes the brotherhood of wargamers so special.

Phil, my deepest thanks and chapeau to you, Sir!  


  1. Your a lucky chap. My SS arrived the other day but had the all important SS on the box



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