Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Update Impetvs

With summer approaching in the northwest and increased work travel, time at the painting desk has decreased.  This week is no exception.  No new items made it off from the painting table this past week but several units are in various stages of completion. Back home on the painting table are the following Works-in-Progress:
  • 19x 15mm Peter Pig Ashigaru swordsmen
  • 2x 10mm Old Glory ACW supply wagons
  • 6x 10mm Old Glory ACW Parrot rifled guns and crew
  • 48x 15mm Old Glory Sardinian infantry
  • Rebasing two legions worth of 28mm Romans for Impetvs
I attempted to complete both 10mm ACW batches before I left Monday morning. "Morning" is really more like "middle of the night" since I was on the road by 3:00am.  Having completed the ACW pieces up to the point of dipping and basing by Sunday, I figured I had a better than even shot at getting them off the table before I left for the week.  Good thing I did not take myself up on that bet.  Sunday being Father's Day and a few household chores needing tending before my departure, my painting plans for the day fell to ruin.  The two supply wagons will likely be pressed into service as heavy casualty markers for Regimental Fire and Fury.

For the Impetvs unit rebasing, six skirmisher, one triarii, two hastati, two princepes, and two cavalry stands have been pulled off their stands and affixed to Impetvs sized bases.  I have an order submitted to Litko to increase inventory for more Impetvs complaint basing.  I really like the quality of Litko's products but their lead time seems to steadily run at about three weeks.  Having a three-four week delay for product delivery, planning becomes even a more important element.  To me, the Impetvs basing looks just right and the rules tick off the single stand unit requirement to which I am quite fond.

Even though I was content with the mechanisms contained within the free Basic Impetvs offering, I picked up a set of Impetvs rulebooks this week from eBay.  The four volume set consisted of rules and supplements 1 - 3.  Hot on the heals of this package, I ordered volumes 4 and 5 from On Military Matters.  Supplement 5 contains army lists for the medieval periods including lists for the Reconquista.  Perhaps, these will be awaiting when I return?

I have been purchasing books from Dennis at OMM since the mid-90s and he always delivers quickly with great communication.  In fact, I get a call from him when there is any difficulty with my order or payment.  He really is a great vendor. 

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