Wednesday, August 7, 2013

28mm Reconquista - More BTD Cavalry

Following closely on the heels of the Muslim lancers are two more cavalry units.  Both of these newly, recruited units are composed of BTD figures.

First up, is one stand of light cavalry, horse archers.  Since I envision horse archers operating in a very loose and dispersed formation, I mounted only three horse to an Impetvs-sized base to give them plenty of room to maneuver.  The result may appear sparse but for horse archers, I think it works.

Leaving the painting desk in tandem with the horse archers is one stand of light cavalry wielding spears.  Horses are the same mix of three sculpts as in the other cavalry units.  For these light horse, I opted to base four figures per stand.

There!  That brings the cavalry arm of the growing army to a total of three horse units.  One more light cavalry stand of four figures made it onto the painting table this evening.  The painting of this unit may be delayed while I switch gears to prepare to host this weekend's game.  Much work needs to be accomplished on the scenario and layout before I can relax.

Oh, BTD USA is having another of their frequent sales on the Feudal range so I'll likely pick up a few more items.

On an unrelated note, I usually disregard the state of my painting area but with camera in hand, I decided to snap a picture for analysis.  

Quite a mess.  Why is it that my usable painting workspace seems to always reduce down to a work area of only about 8 inches by 12 inches?  Time to clean up my work area and attempt to recover lost space.


  1. 8 by 12? That seems about right. That's always what I end up with too.

    1. I may have over-estimated my actual working area. It is closer to 5" x 9". I may not paint myself into a corner but my work space certainly shrinks towards the table edge.

  2. If it's ant consolation, 8 by 12 is the safe space on my painting desk, i.e., out of the reach of little fingers.


    1. I know what you mean. I must child proof the game room when the granddaughter visits.

    2. Good looking skirmishers, sir! You must be nearly ready to give this a go.

      I see a shop light in your workspace photo. I need LOADS of light to paint and used 2 lights for a couple of years. The only downside is the heat they gave off! Also, to prevent neck strain, I paint on a box as well.


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