Sunday, June 30, 2013

10mm ACW Project - Guns and Wagons

Project progress seems to undergo a continuous reprioritization as projects surface to the front of my queue pushing other projects down the ladder.  One such activity was work on the 10mm ACW project.  After reading about Jackson's Valley Campaign with particular focus on the battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic, my intention was to add a few rifled guns to the collection and develop a scenario for Port Republic.  With the size of the Port Republic battle, Regimental Fire and Fury (RFF)  should be a reasonable choice for battle resolution.  Do recent readings drive planned scenarios or projects for others besides me?  I bet they do!

Having received a bunch of equipment from Old Glory including rifled guns (3 inch and 10 inch), wagons and caissons, I planned to add Parrotts to both combatants arsenals.  Well, other projects received the painting attention and the ACW project took to a back burner.  Recreating Port Republic is still in mind and I wanted to field the proper gun models for the scenario.  When will I get to creating the scenario?  That answer is still unknown but I have the figures ready when my focus returns.

One of my goals for 2013 was to add to the ACW project.  Finally, at the 2013 halfway point, a few models have rolled off the assembly line.  To that end, I completed two supply wagons and six sections of Parrott rifles; three sections for each side.  RFF requires a "Heavy Casualties" marker and I think these wagons will make adequate markers.  The guns still need accompanying limbers.  Limbers will be added later since I have enough limbers to field all of the guns needed for Port Republic.  Perhaps, I should double check on the limber counts.


  1. G'day, David here from
    Those cannons look awesome!
    Lots of action on such a small base.
    Did you have to paint some parts with a toothpick or did you have the correct sized brush?

    Regards, a very jealous follower!

    1. Hi David, good to hear from you again!

      No toothpicks used and the smallest brush I typically use is either a '0' or '1'. I particularly like the Winsor & Newton Series 7 and the Raphael 8404 series.


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