Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Project Planning - A Reflection

In January 2013, I laid out several goals and milestones to lend some discipline to my hobby activities.  With the flurry of 2013 painting activities quickly fading from view, it is time to reflect before the next cycle of planning begins.  Did my project plans at the beginning of 2013 actually play out and make it into fruition?

Below are summaries of my 2013 goals as detailed last January (see: Project Plans 2013):

Risorgimento 1859 (15mm)
2013 Goals:

  • Hold first game covering Battle of San Martino - Done
  • Add Austrian and Sardinian artillery, cavalry, and some infantry to the collection.  Some cavalry added along with limbers and generals.  Seven infantry battalions added.  Reasonable progress.
  • Begin painting French contingents - No

Samurai (15mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Increase unit count from 9 to 12 - Done
  • Stretch goal - Bring collection up to 18 units - Done.  Actually increased unit count to 19 stands.
  • Gaming - Yes.
American War of Independence (28mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Complete one combined grenadier battalion - Done
  • Complete one light infantry battalion - Done
  • Stretch goal - Field seven infantry battalions - Done - surprised myself on that one!
  • Game - Yes. Got in one game with the collection

Napoleonics in the Peninsula (28mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Complete 32 cavalry - Painted 16 cavalry.
  • Complete 2 British limbers - Done

Seven Years War (18mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Hold first games- Nope
  • Complete 48 cavalry - Painted 30 cavalry
  • Complete 12 guns - Painted 8 guns and crew
  • Complete two regiments of Prussian foot - Painted 5 battalions
  • Photograph collection - Done

American Civil War (10mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Add guns, limbers, and wagons - Painted 6 guns and crew and 2 supply wagons.
  • Add dismounted cavalry Nope
  • Stretch Goal: Add infantry as time permits - Painted one infantry regiment.

1799 Bonaparte in Italy/Switzerland (18mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Add artillery for both France and Austria - Nope
  • Plan a small scenario - Nope

Ancients (28mm)
2013 Goals:
  • Add one stand of Spanish - Done.  Also completed 14 additional Impetvs sized units.


2013 Goals: 
  • One game per month - By my count, I participated in 13 games.

New Periods Begun:
28mm Reconquista.  Yes, began another new period in 2013.  Finished 227 figures.  

For the most part, I claim success in sticking to my 2013 goals.  Most projects planned for increases, experienced increases.  If not for the addition of the Reconquista project and the massive increase in the 28mm Punic Wars project, the neglected projects may have received more attention.  I really need to get the SYW collection into a game...


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