Tuesday, August 20, 2013

28mm Reconquista - BTD Mercenary Infantry

In a switch from Muslim warriors, off the painting desk is one, twelve figure Impetvs stand of heavy foot.  In many of the Reconquista lists, the Muslim factions are allowed either mercenary or townspeople formations to augment the arabs.  Below is one such heavy foot unit.  The figures are all BTD from a combination of their Feudal and Dark Age ranges.

This stand will be able to see service in either army which is an added bonus.


  1. Very nice looking troops, colorful and great!

  2. Great painting and mix of figures to make up this unit. They have just a hint of being called up or kitted on the go.

    I have to ask, have you given up sleeping? ;-)

    1. Thanks, Monty! Yes, not much uniformity among this band of warriors.

      No, I haven't given up sleep. I just had a bit more time than usual to ramp up production. Also, my opponent has been fielding units lickety-split. Thankfully, he returns to work soon!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. erg tYp0 storm... Anyway, 34 stands are now complete. We should probably schedule a game in the near future.


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