Saturday, January 19, 2013

18mm Blue Moon AWI Hessians as Prussians

Earlier I painted a Blue Moon Hessian fusilier regiment as a proxy for SYW Prussians.  I liked the Blue Moon Hessian figures so much that I ordered enough Hessian musketeers to build one regiment of Prussian musketeers as a test.  Below are three photos of the Prussian (AWI Hessian) musketeers fielded as Infantry Regiment #26 including the combined grenadiers. 

Nice figures and I'll be ordering more as a less expensive alternative to my standard Eureka SYW Prussians.
Infantry Regiment #26 Battalion #1

Infantry Regiment #26 Battalion #2
Infantry Regiment #26 Combined Grenadier Companies


  1. Very nice! I think I even prefer then to the Eureka figures.

    1. I know! Certainly much better than the Eureka Russians. Yuck! The Blue Moon Hessians are even more compatible with the Eureka Austrians than are the Eureka Prussians. I like the Blue Moon AWI range alot.

  2. These look really good, I especially love your Grenadiers!


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