Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kevin's WIP: Hill Fort

At the conclusion of my Command and Colors' Zama games with Kevin last Saturday,  Kevin took me down to his workshop to show-off his latest creation.  Kevin enjoys building custom terrain layouts and the large piece on the workbench shows his knack for building interesting pieces.  While I believe he may have plans to use this fort in northern Africa, I could see this as a perfect Afghan hill fort from which to launch raids upon the invading English (or Russians).  Many similar hill forts are described in both Anderson's The Afghan War and Robson's Road to Kabul.  Very handsome and imaginative game focal point.  Sized to fit 25/28mm figures.  Now this is a work-in-progress but I would be happy to use this piece in its unfinished state shown in the photos below.   


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