Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Updates

BTD USA has been receiving a light barrage of orders from me in the last two months. Their frequent, deep-discount sales push me over the edge. The July 4th sale was another opportunity for BTD USA to drawn me into ordering more troops. With nearly 53% discount from retail, I ordered two platoons of WWII Germans and a second dozen Cretan archers. Luckily for me, the WWII figures paint quickly.

28mm American War of Independence Project:Hessian Fusilier Regiment von Lossberg (or alt-von Lossberg) is finished. Now, the German contingent comprises three musketeer regiments, two fusilier regiments, two companies or jagers, one combined grenadier regiment, and two guns.

15mm Second War of Italian Independence Project:
Two battalions of Austrian line infantry (Freikorps) and one battalion of French line infantry (WTNW with Old Glory command) were completed by the end of July. My July Mirliton order arrived on the 31st containing more guns and cavalry. The Austrian guns and crew are especially well-done and surpass their Old Glory equivalents.

Since cavalry makes up a small proportion of the forces in 1859 OBs, I may switch to Mirliton for all remaining cavalry. What I will do with the Old Glory figures is yet to be decided. Most of the Old Glory cavalry are a bit spindly but some of these defects may be caused by mis-casting. On the painting table are two more French battalions using the WTNW/Old Glory combination and three Mirliton Austrian guns and crew.

18mm SYW Project:
Battalion #1 of Austrian IR#2 passed across the painting table in July.

Monthly Painting Tally for JUL 2012
Unit_Name Nation Era Scale Figure Cnt Equip Cnt
Regiment von Lossberg Fusiliers Hesse-Cassel American War of Independence 28mm 24
Artillery and 4 crew Piedmont Italian War of Independence 15mm 4 1
Infantry Regiment #37 Bn 1 Austria Italian War of Independence 15mm 18
Infantry Regiment #39 Bn 1 Austria Italian War of Independence 15mm 18
Line Regiment France Italian War of Independence 15mm 12
Erzherzog Karl IR#2/1 w/mtd cmd Austria Seven Years War 18mm 23
Sailors Spain Spanish-American War 25mm 16
Totals 115 1

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