Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Updates

I dug through a bag of old figures and rediscovered a pack of Old Glory German 'advisors' from the SAW range. While I could only piece together one of the maxim machine guns, I painted both of the three-figure crews. I'll have to track down a suitable replacement for the MG. Nice figures with good detail. Perhaps, the Cunninghams can be enticed to add this to their vast colonial collections?

28mm American War of Independence Project:
Sometimes, it is tough mustering the motivation to work on a unit for a dormant project. Such is the case for Hessian fusilier regiment von Ditfurth. With the group AWI project on hiatus, I have allowed von Ditfurth to languish, unpainted. Now, however, I pulled the figures from the primed box and up they go onto the painting table. The Perry Hessians paint easily once painting actually begins. These 24 figures will make a great weekend project.

Regiment von Ditfurth was completed over the weekend and now await base flocking. Enough fusilier figures remain to field one more regiment albeit with only one standard bearer. Seems silly to order another pack of command just for one figure so I'll replace the second flag carrier with a surplus officer. When I placed my last order to Perry, I specifically requested swapping one of the drummers out for an additional standard bearer. Alas, my request was in vain.

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):
The three Roman Aventine commanders mentioned in the JUN 14 post were painted over the weekend too. Next up for this project will be 12 Cretan archers. Archers are from BTD and are handsome figures.

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