Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The postman dropped off a package from Multiman Publishing Friday afternoon. In the box was one copy each of the games Guadalajara (SCS series) and Baltic Gap (OCS series). Although I have been active in reducing my wargame collection, MMPs Black Friday sale tempted me to pick up these two offerings at 50% discount. I haven't played either of these series in at least ten years and have been wanting to revisit the updated, OCS series. My recent visit to Spain and a reading of the Spanish Civil War (SCW) conflict whetted my appetite to try a SCW game at the SCS level.

I have made several changes to Republique since the last time the group gamed the rules. In fact, most of the original rules have been supplanted by additional mechanisms to the point that I think it fitting that the current version ought to be deemed, Republique+. Much of the original game engine is still under hood somewhere but changes were made to better reflect my view of grand tactical, Napoleonic combat.

Recent additions include:

All die roll resolution has been converted to D6. In assault especially, the use of 1D10 resulted in too much randomness for my tastes. Of course, entering into battle on the Napoleonic battlefield was quite risky but the old opposed 1D10 roll could really skew the results even if one of the participants maintained a decided superiority in modifiers. To reduce the impact of a potentially devastating DRM of +/- 9 'random' element, I have downgraded the random component to an opposed roll with 1D6 each.

Assault Results table has been condensed; narrowing the spread of results slightly.
All measurements have been converted from inches to 'Base Depths' (BD). My intention is to increase play speed by having all measurement in units with less granularity. Since all bases are 1-1/2 inches deep, one Base Depth equals 1-1/2 inches. Measurement sticks will be constructed to eliminate the use of tape measures.

With the change to measurments reported in BDs, all movement rates and ranges have been converted into BD equivalents.

Artillery fire modifiers now include an asymmetrical (-1) DR modifier for firing up one or more elevation levels or down two or more levels.

Artillery fire points are halved if the battery moved or changed formation during the turn.

Artillery fire modifiers now include adverse modifiers dependent upon morale status of the firing battery. Before, batteries could either fire or not fire depending upon morale status. Now the battery may still fire but with diminishing effect as the battery loses cohesion.

Another change to speed play was to make units in disordered morale state automatically rally. Before, much time was lost resolving rallies for disordered units when in most situations (unit has morale grade of Average or better), the unit would successfully pass its Rally roll and return to Ordered status. For solo play, I modify this by adding the restriction that disordered rally is only automatic if the unit is outside of either unopposed skirmisher range or artillery arc of fire.

28mm Ancients (2nd Punic War):

Two, 12 figure units of Renegade velites are on the painting table and nearing completion. For basing, each figure pair will be based on one 60mm x 30mm stand.

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