Friday, January 14, 2011

Influx of History Books I

With Christmas 2010 in the rearview mirror, time to take stock of wargaming related items picked up during the holidays. No new figures arrived with Christmas but I did receive a number of books that were culled from my Wish List. The books received included:
  • The Peninsula War Atlas - Lipscombe (present to myself from credits)
  • The Philadelphia Campaign Volume 1 - McGuire
  • The Germans Invasion of Norway - Haarr
  • The Seven Years War in Europe, 1756-1763 - Szabo
  • Ramillies 1706 - Year of Miracles - Falkner
  • Fontenoy, France Dominating Europe - Gandilhon
One more project needs completing in the new year. That is, to finish the rebasing of the Napoleonic cavalry. When I last worked on rebasing, I made it up to the Prussians but stopped. Now, I must bring the Prussian cavalry up to code. Painting progress has been slow thus far in January and I hope to pick up the pace a bit in the second half of the month. The two battalions of SYW Prussians on the painting table need a bit of attention.

The gaming table has been cleaned up from the lengthy Second Manassas game and I deployed the ECW collection on the table for an upcoming battle. The two battlelines stretch down all 12 feet of the table with two lines of foot in the center and one wing of horse on each flank. The scenario I have in mind is a slightly smaller Parlimentary force blocking a vital bridge that the King's army must take. Below is a photo of the initial deployments.

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