Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vimeiro AAR

28mm French and Indian War Project:
After having purchased three test bags of Crusader Miniatures' SYW Rank and File British quite some time ago, I pulled 16 figures from the primed box and tackled the unit this weekend. These figures will become the first company of the 17th Regiment of foot. The figures are noticeably smaller than the 1st Corps figures yet a bit larger than the Old Glory FIW figures. The Crusader figures are nicely detailed and paint up quite quickly. If I need reinforcements, these will certainly be at the top of my list.

Painting these British figures reinvigorated me to clean-out some of my remaining inventory from the FIW collection. I have two more companies of 1st Corps infantry remaining in inventory (one French; one British) and I grabbed the 16 British figures to prime.

Vimeiro 2009 AAR
With ex-Delaborde unable to launch attacks against Vimeiro, the responsibility for cracking the Vimeiro defenses fell to Margaron. Repeated attacks by the French cavalry failed to break the British morale and the final charge of the day saw the dragoons breaking off their attack against Vimeiro. On the Toledo front, three attacks went in against the defenders and two were repulsed with heavy casualties. Even though Loison did not panic as a result of failed attacks, sustained casualties will pre-empt future attacks.

Junot calls it a day and retires from the battlefield giving Wellesley a tactical victory.

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